Codename Babushka

The last few sets we had have been separated and all the remaining dolls are now for sale individually in our online store.

The Concept

Like blind boxes? Good. Codename Babushka is designed for the ulitmate blindbox experience and collectors in mind. Russian Dolls have been sent to all the artists below, each artist has a nest of 5 russian dolls starting at 5.5″ and shrinking down to 1.5″. They have been commissioned to create 5 artworks which will fit back inside each other. Once completed and collected up at Flatties HQ we will mix them all up and put them into blindboxes.

Effectively you will receive a blindbox in a blindbox in a blindbox in a blindbox in a blindbox in a blindbox! Out of the those numerous blindboxes you will receive art work from 5 different artists!

The Artists

A Little Stranger
Creature Kebab
Ian Stevenson
Matt JOnes
Mr Mead
Phil Corbett
Scott Rayfield
Sneaky Raccoon
TipToe Collective
Triclops Studio

Likely Shipping Date

Currently shipping within 5 days of purchase.


Photos by Dan Morgan

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