Fans of Tea – Series 3

Flatties is proud to present… Fans of Tea – Series Three! This series consists of the artwork of UK and US artists who have been commissioned by flatties to create a series of one off customs based on Matt JOnes – Lunartik in a Cup mini-tea. Every mini-tea in the series has been created to show off the talents of fans of Matt JOnes and his stunning work.


There is a total of 18 pieces this year and the standard of customisation is exceptional. There are pieces from some new artists and some old favorites too!

Series 3 sold out in record time of just 14 hours! We will be looking to ship these in early May ’13.

There is also rumor of the return of the legendary Golden Ticket and a Matt JOnes special!

Artists involved are:

  • Nic Van Rowley
  • Run dMb
  • Kerry Dyer
  • Mark T
  • Reet Neet
  • Lisa Rae Hanson
  • Ian Rout
  • David Stevenson
  • Gary Boon
  • Rusted Halo
  • Alex Vaughan
  • Lumber Jack Joe
  • Evan Morgan
  • Necro Monkey
  • Infiniterabbits
  • Robotic Industries
  • Tasha Zimich
  • Stuart Collins

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