Heavy Metal Qee – Origin goes up for sale

Sister site Generic Art has been stacking up on products recently, after an almost instant sell out of Fans of Tea – Series 2, they now taken our 8″ custom Qee – “Origin” - on board and are offering it up for sale for £175!

If you haven’t been over there, they’ve also managed to stock up on Matt JOnes – mini-tea series 2 in individual and crate form! If that wasn’t enough they’ve also got loads of customs from various shows and some rare mini-tea BIY!

All at very reasonable prices!


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Tado in london


Whilst in London yesterday stumbled across Tado doing some live painting in the street.


Flatties night out


So me and Adam are heading to London tomorrow night for a bit of ska, less than Jake are playing at the barfly Camden, only 220 capacity, should be amazing!!! Tweet us if you are going to meet up for a beer!



The 18th of August will see an amazing show open in Cardiff’s SHO Gallery – Dragons!

There will be 50 pieces in the show, all of which will be for sale via the SHOs online store.

Here’s a small sample of some of the amazing art works available. There is a massive variety and some amazing shows of creative skill.